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A Digital Coaching Organisation

Dr. Dina Swargiari

DIAMOND ENERGY GIVERS help PhD Research Scholars re-gain Mental Health and Wellness

If you are a Research Scholar feeling stuck with mental, emotional and physical stress due to PhD workload, this course is for you !!


“Live this life with full of positive vibes otherwise the negative vibes will defeat you”

It is important to educate others with whatever you have learnt so far, so that others would educate u with whatever they have learnt. That’s a way of how we can make this world the best place to live in…. Learn to live and educate; live to learn and educate !!

Walk via triangular path: learn, do and teach 😍😍😍

Diamond energy givers

Help you with an outstanding lifestyle that is ready to work for you! Whether you’re a fledgling a research scholar under the guidance of your teachers, professors and elders with big ideas to share, or an old pro looking to enhance your knowledge in this information technology age, you can make life much easier by enhancing your online presence and digital lifestyle. The world is at its best time and space of gaining and sharing knowledge form/to anywhere and anytime living at present, through digital platform. It is like we are living on diamond mines, the only thing we need to do is start mining and value the best possible treasure of our time. So now as we understand, let’s make the best use of use of diamond energy that is within ourselves. This will help you take your creative idea and goals further towards limitless success by using the powerful energy of combination and integration of mental, physical and spiritual aspects of life.

To learn more about it, click in the link below and get registered to the upcoming live masterclass!!